Willow Creek Consulting, Inc.

Willow Creek Consulting uses a design methodology which is intended to deliver immediate benefits to your organization. This methodology provides the mechanism and discipline to create small projects which build on each other to create the final solution. Small workgroup solutions can be introduced followed by departmental and finally enterprise-level solutions.

There are several benefits beyond maximizing your technology investment. Some of those are listed below the diagram.

  • Smaller projects become more manageable and quicker to deliver providing more immediate benefits to your users and organization.
  • The stair step approach minimizes the initial investment in databases and infrastructure necessary for complete enterprise solutions.
  • As applications are being deployed, features such as decision support and ad hoc tools can be utilized.
  • The model environment supports both end user computing needs while maintaining the necessary MIS control and support.

Willow Creek has perfected this methodology using it at multiple customer engagements with great success. Let Willow Creek discuss how our methodology and concepts can have an impact in your organization